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OpenCart 2, 3 Connector 2021 Odoo 14 PRO

733 BYN

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Connection with OpenCart3 and Opencart2



        This module allow

  1. Sync all orders
  2. Sync all products and stock, Option: if you change stock quantity or price in Odoo , opencart product price and quantity will be updated automatically.
  3. Sync all categories


  1. First you must upload 2 modules "unicoding_integrations" and "unicoding_integrations_opencart3"
  2. Then you need to have installed default modules: Sales, CRM, Contacts, Delivery Costs, Purchase, Stock, unicoding_integrations
  3. Then you need configure module Sale: (Enable product with variants)




03/05/2021 Added: if you change price and stock quantity of product in odoo, oopencart will be updated with options!
02/23/2021 Add sync all products, categories, stock, sheduler!
10/17/2020 Support OpenCart 2, fixed some problems with connections!
10/14/2020 Converted to Odoo 14, fixed some problems with connections!
08/22/2020 Add TAX and coupon and voucher calculation!
07/18/2020 Add module description

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Brand:: Unicoding
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